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Chesapeake Bay Program

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005

Purpose of this program:

To expand and strengthen cooperative efforts to restore and protect the Chesapeake Bay. EPA's funding priority is to achieve the goals and commitments established in the Chesapeake 2000 agreement. As a means to achieve the goals and commitments of the historic 1983 Chesapeake Bay Agreement to the current Chesapeake 2000 Agreement, assistance agreements are awarded to: Nonprofit organizations, State and local governments, colleges, universities, and interstate agencies. The type of projects that are awarded range from monitoring of bay toxins to environmental education. Funding Priority: The five overarching commitments laid out in the Chesapeake 2000 agreement define the funding priorities for the Chesapeake Bay Program. These commitments are :1) Restore, enhance and protect the finfish, shellfish and other living resources, their habitats and ecological relationships to sustain all fisheries and provide for a balanced ecosystem; 2) Preserve, protect and restore those habitats and natural areas that are vital to the survival and diversity of the living resources of the Bay and its rivers; 3) Achieve and maintain the water quality necessary to support the aquatic living resources of the Bay and its tributaries and to protect human health; 4) Develop, promote and achieve sound land use practices which protect and restore watershed resources and water quality, maintain reduced pollutant loadings for the Bay and its tributaries, and restore and preserve aquatic living resources; and 5) Promote individual stewardship and assist individuals, community-based organizations, businesses, local governments and schools to undertake initiatives to achieve the goals and commitments of this agreement.